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Consumer and Installment Loans

1st Capital Bank provides consumer and installment loans to meet your credit needs.

We are dedicated to provide you a quality, local service as we are deeply committed to serving our clients to the fullest. The best way to learn about a consumer loan program that would best compliment your checking service  is to talk with a new account representative at any of our branches.

Overdraft Line of Credit

Consumer Loans

An overdraft line of credit is a loan attached to your checking account. The benefit of an overdraft line of credit is that you will have peace of mind, that your checks will be paid when your cash in your account is limited.  With an Overdraft Line of Credit, your checking account is covered. It protects you from overdrafts and from having transactions denied for insufficient funds.

How it Works

Overdraft Line of Credit is automatically activated when you exceed your checking account balance. To cover the transaction, funds equaling the overdrawn amount are transferred from your line of credit to your checking. It's a safety net that provides convenience and peace of mind.


For more information, please visit one of our branch offices to discuss a solution that is right for you. 

Salinas:  1097 South Main Street:  831.540.4080

King City: 432 Broadway Street:      831.385.8900

Monterey: 300 Bonifacio Place:       831.264.4070


All loans subject to credit approval

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